August 19, 2011

Domain Mapping: Yahoo!

Add the domain to your Typepad account

In Typepad, go to Account > Domain Mapping and click the Begin Here: Map a Domain Name button.

Enter the Domain Name and choose to map the domain to a single blog/photo album or your entire site. Be sure to enter www or other subdomain that you are using so that your domain mapping is set up correctly. Click Add Domain Mapping. More information is available in the Setting up Domain Mapping article.

Set up forward for domain without the www

To set up the domain without the www, you need to create a Forward in your Yahoo! Domains account. With most domain registrars the non-www set is done last, but with a Yahoo! domain, the forward needs to be set before the CNAME.

1. Login to your Yahoo! Domains account and view the My Services page.

3. Go to the Domain Control Panel > Forward Your Domain.

3. Click the Create Forward button.

4. In the Destination Address field, enter the full domain name with a backslash at the end. For example:

And click Continue. If you do not include the backslash, /, at the end of the domain, you will receive an error, so the backslash is required to complete the forward.

Create a Domain Forward

5. Select Standard Forward for the Forwarding Option and click Submit. This creates a forward from non-www domain,, to

The related Yahoo! support documentation is available here.

Edit the CNAME Record at Yahoo! Domains

1. Login to your Yahoo! Domains account and view the My Services page.

2. Go to Domain Control Panel > Manage Advanced DNS Settings.

3. Click the Add Record button and complete the fields:

Source: www

Where is replaced with your Typepad domain name.

Add CNAME Record

4. Click the Submit button. You will be asked to confirm the creation of a CNAME Record. Click the Submit button a second time.

5. On the Advanced DNS Settings page, you will see the CNAME Record has been added to the list of records.

DNS Records

Activate the domain in Typepad

After setting the CNAME Record at Yahoo, it can take 24-48 for the domain to resolve. Once the CNAME is set up correctly, go to Account > Domain Mapping inside your Typepad account. Check the Activate link next to the domain.


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