August 12, 2011

Importing from WordPress to Typepad

Moving from to Typepad is a breeze. Here's how:

  • Log into Typepad and create a new blog.
  • Go to Settings > Import/Export. Under Import, select
  • Enter your blog's URL, Username, and Password.
  • Click Import. Typepad imports your blog from
  • Once the import is complete, a success message is displayed. Click View blog to see your imported blog.

Self-Hosted to Typepad

Export your WordPress blog

  • Login to WordPress and go to Tools > Export. The export screen displays.
  • Select the author whose posts you want to export.
  • Click Download Export File.
  • WordPress generates your export file and your browser will prompt you to save it.
  • Save the export file somewhere you'll remember with an obvious filename.

Import into Typepad

Login to Typepad and create a new blog.

Go to Blogs > Settings > Import/Export.

  • Under Import, choose WordPress WXR file.
  • Choose to upload the file from your computer and use the Browse function.
  • Click Import. Typepad begins the import process. Depending on how many posts you have this could take several minutes. A bar displays indicating Typepad's progress in importing your blog.
  • Once the import is complete click on View Blog.

What isn't imported into Typepad?

WordPress's export format does not include files hosted on your blog for import.

Images embedded into your posts using the img src tag (typically thumbnail images) will be uploaded to your Typepad account. In most cases, the thumbnail images will be linked to the full size image. The linked image will not be uploaded to your Typepad account.

Custom Domain

Did you have your own domain? Once your new blog is created, you can change the domain mapping to point your domain to your Typepad blog.


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