June 01, 2011

Post to blog from Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word versions 2007 and newer have a Publish as Blog Post option available and Typepad is a supported blog platform.

Update April 2018: Not all versions of Microsoft Word support offline publishing to Typepad. If you are not able to connect your Typepad account using the instructions in this article, your version of Word most likely is not supported.

Using Word to compose your posts allows you to write your posts offline and publish at any time directly from Word. Formatting and images added to your Word document will be included in the published post when you use the Publish as Blog Post option in Word.

Do not copy and paste content from Word to Typepad as the document formatting, images, and files will not be included with your post. The Publish as Blog Post option in Word is the only way to preserve the document's formatting when you publish your post.

Add Blog to Word

In Microsoft Word, go to File > Save & Send > Publish as Blog Post. Typepad is one of the supported blog providers. Click the Publish as Blog Post button.

Microsoft Word Publish

The instructions are specific to Word 2010. Other versions of Word from 2007 and newer may have slightly different options.

Click the Manage Accounts button in the toolbar and click New. Select Typepad from the drop-down menu and click Next.

You'll be prompted to enter the User Name and Password for your Typepad account. This is the email address and password you use to sign in to Typepad. Checking the Remember Password box is recommended. Click OK to continue.

Next, select which blog from the drop-down window you want to add and click OK.

Picture Options

The default setting for Picture Options is My blog provider which is recommended. By selecting My blog provider, the images included in the document will be uploaded to Typepad when you publish the post.

Publish Post

First, go to File > Save & Send > Publish as Blog Post and click the Publish as Blog Post button.

Your composition will open in a new window with Blog Post options in the toolbar. You can save the post as a Word document while you are working on it. When you are ready to publish, click the Publish button.

Microsoft Word Publish

Additional Information

  • You will need to update your account details in Word if you change your email address &/or password in Typepad.
  • To edit your blog settings in Word, go to Manage Accounts, select the blog to edit, and click Change.
  • To set a default blog to post to, go to Manage Accounts in Word, select your blog, and click the Set As Default button.
  • You can also open and edit existing posts previously published to your blog under Open Existing.

Other Desktop Publishing Options

An alternative to publishing from Microsoft Word is Windows Live Writer. Live Writer is a desktop publishing client you download and install on your computer. This is a Windows only tool which is free.

For a Mac, you may want to check out Qumana which is a free desktop publisher or MarsEdit. MarsEdit is not free, but it is a most recommended desktop publisher for Macs.


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