August 12, 2011

Verify CNAME Record

For domain mapping to work correctly, you'll need to set up a CNAME Record with your registrar. We have detailed instructions on how do to set up domain mapping with GoDaddy, Network Solutions, Yahoo, PairNIC, and other registrars.

To verify that you have created your CNAME record correctly, you can use Kloth's DNS Lookup.

First, go to Kloth's page and enter your domain name, for instance, in the Domain text box. Then click the Look it up button. The DNS information will then be returned in the Answer Section box.

For example, we will check the DNS record for which points to


If the domain has been set up correctly, you can see a CNAME record that references the Typepad URL. This is an example of a properly configured CNAME record:


Once you are able to see the CNAME record set up correctly, domain mapping can be set to Active in Account > Domain Mapping.


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