June 21, 2016

Set Up Restricted Access to Individual Posts and Pages

The Password Protection feature allows you to make a blog private and require sign in to view it. A universal username and password can be set for all visitors to the blog, or each visitor can be assigned their own username and password. Each post and page can be designated accessible to all, none, or some users.

Enable Password Protection on Individual Posts and Pages

At Settings > Basics, check the box to Protect this blog, enter a username and password, check the Protect selected individual posts box, and click Save Changes.

Password Protection

Add Users

After protection for individual posts and pages is saved, the option to add users will be available. Under the Additional Blog Users heading, enter a Username, Password, and Notes (optional) and click Add.

Add Users

Users can be added and deleted from the list at any time.

Important Note: Adding a user will refresh the webpage. If you have made changes to other settings, like to the Description, those changes will be lost if not saved before adding a user.

Restricting Posts and Pages

For Posts and Pages, the default permission will be Unrestricted. Unrestricted means that any user after entering their unique username and password can view the webpage.

To restrict the post or page, click Set Users in the right column on the Compose page.


Check the box to select each user you wish to have access to the post or page before you publish.


The users selected will be required to enter their username/password to view the webpage. Any user, even after they sign in, who is not selected will not have access to the post or page, or see the post listed in the blog index, category archives, or date-based archives. The owner of the blog can use the main username and password to access all posts and pages.

Updated 15 October 2016

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