August 18, 2011

Photo Albums: Uploading Photos

If you have not already created an album, see Adding a Photo Album first. There are links to upload photos to your album on the Photo Albums listing page and at the top of each internal Photo Album page.

For information on adding photos to a post, see the article on inserting an image in a post.

Upload Photos

Images must be in one of the following formats in order to be uploaded to your albums for display.

  • .png
  • .gif
  • .jpg or .jpeg

Go to Library > Photo Albums > Upload photos to start adding images to an album.

Select the number of photos to upload

Select Number of Photos

Select the number of photos you wish to upload in this batch from the drop-down menu. The number of items for step 2 will change to reflect your setting. You can also upload a .zip file containing multiple image files.

Browse for photos

Choose File

Click the Browse or Choose File button to locate the photos on your computer and click Open.

Press Upload

Once you've selected your photos, add them to the album by clicking the Upload button. The upload pop-up window opens and your photos will upload to Typepad. The upload time required depends on the number and size of the original photos.

If you encounter any problems uploading photos, try reducing the number of photos you are attempting to upload at one time. Uploading images five at a time may be quicker than uploading 15 images at once.

Photos are sized when uploaded to the size you have set for the photos in the advanced configuration when configuring your Photo Album's Settings.

More Ways to Upload Images

You can also send images to your Photo Albums via email. Learn more.

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