August 17, 2011

Upgrade or Downgrade Your Membership

Typepad allows you to upgrade or downgrade your account level at any time, including during the trial period. Although changing your account level is simple, you'll first want to consider what effect the change will have on your blogs and billing.

To change the account level, click the Account link in the upper, right corner of your Typepad account. Then, click to Billing Info > Upgrade or Downgrade.

Upgrade or Downgrade

You can select to change your account level to Plus, Unlimited, Premium, or Enterprise. For more information on pricing and features available at each level, please see the pricing page. For Business Class, please contact us by opening a help ticket.

After you select your new Typepad level and click Change My Plan, you will be prompted to confirm whether you wish to change your membership level.

Once you confirm, the change will take place right away and your account will now have the features of the new level. You will also receive an email message summarizing the changes. If you have chosen to upgrade, you will be charged the prorated upgrade fee immediately.

During the free trial, you can change your account level at anytime, and you will not be billed for the service until the end of the trial period. You can try out the various levels during the trial to determine which one will best meet your needs.

If you wish to downgrade to the free plan, see the article on canceling your Pro plan.


Billing for your account will change immediately after confirmation. If upgrading, you will be charged a prorated amount for the remainder of the month or year which you have currently paid. At the start of the next billing cycle, you will be charged at the price for the new account level.

If downgrading, your billing price will change at the start of the next billing cycle, and you will see a credit to your account for the difference between the two plans. The credit will be used to some or all of the service fee until it is exhausted.

Please note that you will be charged for upgrading immediately. The prorated upgrade fee will not be refunded if you downgrade but a credit will be applied to your account. The credit will be applied to your next billing cycle, not refunded to your credit card.


Upgrading your account will not affect your blog content or design. However, downgrading your account may inhibit your ability to edit your blog settings if specific features are no longer available at your particular subscription level.

For example, if downgrading from the Unlimited plan to Plus while using an Advanced Template Set, you will want to apply a theme to your blog before downgrading as the Advanced Template feature will not be available to edit your blog's design with the Plus plan. It is not possible to disable particular features without upgrading back to the previous level to disable them. This may incur additional upgrade charges.

Other features that may not be available when you downgrade:

  • Number of blogs
  • Custom Theme, including the use of a custom banner
  • Domain Mapping
  • Advanced Templates
  • Custom CSS

You can compare the features available at each subscription levels here. If you are unsure if downgrading will affect how your blog is set up, you should open a help ticket for additional support.

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