April 30, 2012

How To Unfollow And Remove Recent Activity From Bloggers On Dashboard

When you follow other bloggers through your Typepad account, you will see any public activity from all the bloggers you follow on your Typepad Dashboard. The Recent Activity on your Dashboard is a great way to keep track of new blog posts and comments from your favorite bloggers. If you prefer not to see the activity of other bloggers, however, you can easily unfollow any bloggers.

Unfollow From Dashboard

To unfollow a blogger from the Dashboard, hover your mouse over the blogger's profile photo to open the pop-up and click Unfollow.

Unfollow From Dashboard

Any current content in the Recent Activity section on your Dashboard will not be removed when you unfollow a blogger, but no new activity will be added. After unfollowing a blogger, previous activity will remain on the Dashboard until it is replaced with newer activity.

Unfollow From Profile

Unfollow FollowingTo view all bloggers you are Following, go to your Profile page by clicking the link in the upper, right corner of your account. Then, click to view all under Following. Hover over the Following button and click to Unfollow.

Block Follower

Additionally, you have the option to Block User. By blocking a user, you will not only unfollow the blogger, but you will also prevent the same blogger from following you.

Keep Recent Activity Private

If you prefer not to allow for anyone follow you and see your recent activity on Typepad, go to Edit Profile, uncheck the Show the Recent Activity module box, and click Save Changes.


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