August 12, 2011

Moving from Typepad to Blogger

We'll be sad to see you go but here's how to move your blog from Typepad to Google's Blogger.

Export Your Typepad Blog

Log into Typepad and go to the Blogs > Settings > Import/Export.

  • Click on Export. Typepad begins creating your export file. A progress bar displays.
  • When the export is finished, Typepad will display a download link. Click the link. The export file will display in your browser.

Save the export file somewhere you'll remember with an obvious filename.

Convert the Export File to Blogger Format

Luckily there's a format converted to convert your Typepad export file to the format Blogger likes to see.

  • Go to (Movable Type and Typepad use the same export format).
  • Skip to step 4 and click Browse.
  • Select your download file and click OK.
  • Click Convert. The converter then uploads your Typepad export file and converts to a Blogger-friendly format.

Once the format is complete, the converter will prompt you to save the converted export file. Save it somewhere you'll remember with a filename that makes sense.

Import into Blogger

Now you should have the converted export file in Blogger-friendly format.

  • Login to Blogger and create a new blog.
  • Once you've created the new blog, go to Settings > Basics > Import blog. The import screen displays.
  • Blogger prompts you for the import file. Click Browse and select the Blogger-friendly export file.
  • Check the box to Automatically publish all imported posts.
  • Click import blog.
  • The import runs and Blogger returns with a success message that your blog has been successfully imported.

What isn't imported into Blogger?

Images and uploaded files hosted on your Typepad blog will not be imported.

Further reading

Blogger also has a help article with further information on exporting your content.

Need help with your blog move?

Let us know! Open a help ticket with the Typepad One support team.


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