August 04, 2011

Resolving problems with Typepad not loading on your network

If you are encountering problems using the Typepad application, or viewing some blogs, from your network, you have blocked within your network firewall. To correct the issue, you can add * to your network firewall allowed list.

In January 2011, an update to the SonicWall firewall added to their block list preventing the Typepad user interface from loading the design. Adding * to the SonicWall Allowed list will resolve the problem.

Additionally, some countries have been known to force internet service providers (ISP) to block blogging sites, including Typepad. In this case, we would recommend you contact your ISP for more information. If you are unable to get Typepad unblocked by your ISP, you can use an open proxy to view your blog &/or subscribe to your blog's feed in a feed reader to receive updates without the need to visit the site directly.


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