February 02, 2012

Your Typepad Dashboard

When you access your Typepad account, the Dashboard is your point of entry and gives you quick access to all areas of your Typepad account.

Post From The Dashboard

The Dashboard posting options make it easy to post to any blog within your account Text, Images, Videos, or Share a link.

From the Post to drop-down menu, select which blog you wish to post. Click on Sharing to select to share to Facebook, Facebook Pages, or Twitter. If you haven't already, go to Accounts > Other Accounts to set up your accounts for sharing.

Quick Post

The Quick Post option allows you to enter text and links.

If you wish to use the full Rich Text editor, click the Write a full post link.


Click to the Photo tab to create a post with an image. You can upload an image directly from your computer by clicking the Browse (or Choose File in Safari) button.

Additionally, you can add images from photo sites by entering the image URL. While most photo URLs will work, the feature fully supports the following services: Flickr, Photobucket, Imageshack, Picassa, and Imgur.

After adding the photo, you will be able to include additional text and links below the photo.


Click to the Video tab to create a post with a video. Enter the URL for the video and click Next. A preview of the video will be included in the post, and you can include additional text and links below the embedded video.

You can embed videos from many video hosting sites, including but not limited to: YouTube, Vimeo, Blip.tv, Hulu, Dailymotion, and Metacafe.


Click to the Share tab to share a link to your favorite. Enter the website URL and click Next. Similar to Typepad's Reblog and Blog It features, you'll be able to choose from a selection of clips and add commentary.

Things to consider:

  • Website URLs will be converted to active links.
  • HTML and other code will be removed before your post is published.
  • Line breaks added within the text of the post will be respected.
  • The Title and Permalink will be constructed using the first line of text added to the post. If no text is added, the post title will display as No Title.

Recent Activity

On the Dashboard, you can view the recent activity on your public blogs and the recent activity of other Typepad bloggers you follow.

You can also manage posts directly from the Dashboard. To edit or delete a post, click the icon at the end of your posts.

Find People To Follow

With Facebook and Typepad connected, you can click Find people to follow and any of your Facebook friends currently using Typepad will be available for you to follow on Typepad.

Manage My Blogs

In the right column on the Dashboard, you have shortcut links to manage each blog in your account. Click Compose next to any blog to go directly to the full editor to create a new post. Open the shortcut menu next to any blog to go to the Overview/Stats, Posts, Pages, Comments, Design, or Settings area.

From the drop-down menus for each blog, you can also change the default blog for your account.


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