August 18, 2011

TypeLists: Settings

The Settings page for a TypeList allows you to configure the display settings for the TypeList. The settings options that are available depend on what type of TypeList it is. This capability is available to all Pro plans.

Link TypeList

Settings for Link TypeLists are divided into Basic and Display sections. In the Basics section, you can set the Name of the TypeList and enter a Description. The Description is used only for reference inside Typepad and is not displayed on your blog.

In the Display section, you can set how many TypeList items should be displayed and in what order. If you have entered both a Name and a Site Name for your links, you can also choose which of these will be displayed on your blog.

Additionally, you can choose whether to display your Notes as text in the TypeList, as a tooltip (which people will see if they hover their mouse over the link), or not at all.

Tip: If you have recently added items to your TypeList and not all of them are showing up on your blog, check to see if the number of items to be displayed is less than the total number of items in the TypeList. If so, increase the number of items to be displayed.

Books TypeList

Settings for Books TypeLists are divided into Basic and Display sections. Like with a Link TypeList (see above), the Basics section allows you to set the Name and Description for your TypeList.

The Display section allows you to choose how many items to display and in what order. You can also choose whether to display any or all of the cover artwork, the rating you gave the book, and your notes.

Albums TypeList

The settings for Album TypeLists are the same as those for Books TypeLists.

Notes TypeList

The Settings page for a Notes TypeList will allow you to enter a Name and a Description for a TypeList. Notes TypeLists are ordered newest - oldest, with the newest item at the top of the TypeList.


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