August 16, 2011

TypeLists Overview

All Pro plan users can use the TypeList feature to add just about anything to a blog's sidebar. With TypeLists, you can display something as simple as a link to another website to something as complex as a script or widget with ease, without needing to edit the blog's templates.

TypeLists are also an important way to share various types of information about yourself or your blog's topic with your readers. With a TypeList, you can add links to other sites you like or contribute to, a list of your favorite books or movies, or badges with your Twitter updates or your Facebook profile.

Here are just a few of the ideas that you can use a TypeList for:

  • A list of books you're reading
  • The movies you've recently rented
  • Links to your favorite blogs
  • A widget to add music to your blog

Types of TypeLists

There are four types of TypeLists:

Link TypeList

You would use a Link TypeList to add regular links to your sidebar. Link to posts on your own site (as a site navigation menu) or to other sites, like a blogroll. The fields in a Link TypeList are:

  • Title
  • URL
  • Notes

Books TypeList

This type of TypeList will let you create lists of your favorite books or books you are currently reading. The fields in a Reading TypeList are:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Notes
  • Rating

Tip: You can also add any item that has an ASIN (Amazon product ID) in a Books TypeList, including DVDs and general items.

Album TypeList

Display your favorite songs and albums with this type of TypeList. The fields in a Music TypeList are:

  • Album
  • Artist
  • Song
  • Notes
  • Rating

Tip: If you have an Amazon Associates ID, you can add that in Account > Other Accounts. The links used in your Book and Album TypeLists will use your Associates ID, so you'll earn a little cash if someone makes a purchase through your link! See the article on using Amazon with Typepad for more information.

Notes TypeList

While all other TypeLists are designed for listing and displaying very specific types of content, a Notes TypeList provides a way to show HTML, text or other code in your blog's sidebar. This type of TypeList is ideal for displaying the following types of content:

  • Custom graphics and images using the HTML tag
  • Custom JavaScript written by yourself or provided by a third party
  • Your favorite badges
  • Arbitrary text and HTML

The fields in a Notes TypeList are:

  • Label
  • Note

For more information on TypeLists, see the following articles:


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