August 12, 2011

Advanced Templates: TypeList Tags

Advanced Template Set designs are available with the Unlimited, Premium, and Business Class plans. If you are not using an Advanced Template Set for your blog's design, you can add TypeLists to your blog at Design > Content.


The MTListInclude tag displays your TypeLists as pre-formatted html code blocks in an advanced template. The list items are enclosed automatically in <li>list item</li> markup and the display of the list is set in the advanced configuration for the TypeList.

Use the name attribute to specify the TypeList to display:

<$MTListInclude name="TypeList Name"$>

The TypeList Name is the name you gave the TypeList and is set in the configuration for the TypeList. The name is case sensitive so use it in the tag exactly as it is entered in the TypeList configuration.

You can also use the MTUserLists container to include all of the lists that you have selected to display on your About Page. The name attribute is not used, the MTListInclude tag is surrounded by the MTUserLists container instead:



The MTList tags give you full control of the TypeList display. The MTList container loops through the list items and displays each using the MTListItem tag.

Use the name to specify the TypeList to display:

<MTList name="TypeList Name">
<$MTListItem$> <br />

MTListItem Fields

Use field with the <$MTListItem$> tag to specify the field that you would like to display from the TypeList. Each list type (People, Link, Reading, Music) has its own set of valid fields:

Link TypeList

Title: <$MTListItem field="title"$>
URL: <$MTListItem field="url"$>
Notes: <$MTListItem field="notes"$>

Display a list of links that use the link title as the link and open in a new window:

Notes TypeList

Title: <$MTListItem field="title"$>
Notes: <$MTListItem field="note"$>

Display a list of items, without titles, inlcuded in the Notes TypeList:

Books TypeList

Title: <$MTListItem field="title"$>
Author: <$MTListItem field="author"$>
Notes: <$MTListItem field="notes"$>
Rating as 1 - 5: <$MTListItem field="rating"$>
Rating as *: <$MTListItemRating$>
ASIN: <$MTListItem field="asin"$>
Amazon URL: <$MTListItemURL$>
Amazon image: <$MTListItemImage$>

Display a list with the thumbnail of the book, the title of the book, and the rating as stars:

Albums TypeList

Song: <$MTListItem field="song"$>
Artist: <$MTListItem field="artist"$>
Album: <$MTListItem field="album"$>
Notes: <$MTListItem field="notes"$>
Rating as 1 - 5: <$MTListItem field="rating"$>
Rating as *: <$MTListItemRating$>
Amazon URL: <$MTListItemURL$>
Amazon image: <$MTListItemImage$>

Display a text list of albums with the artist as the tooltip and also display the notes for the item:


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