August 10, 2011

Adding Typekit

Plus, Unlimited, Premium, and Business Class bloggers can integrate Typekit with their blog to take advantage of the wide variety of fonts offered by Typekit.

About Typekit

Typekit is a subscription-based service that takes advantage of new capabilities in modern web browsers to bring high-quality, fully licensed fonts to your blog -- even if your readers don't have those fonts installed on their computers.

Adding Typekit to your blog

After creating a Typekit account, you'll be asked to Create a kit for your blog. Enter your blog's name and web address in the fields and click Continue.

Then, you will be given your Typekit Kit ID. Please note you only need the unique alphanumeric code as highlighted in the image below.

In this example, the Typekit Kit ID is cf12jgh. At Settings > Add-Ons, you can enter your Typekit Kit ID and click Save Changes.

Applying the font style to your blog

Once you have integrated Typekit with your blog, you can select the font you want to use. Once you have chosen a font, enter the class in the stylesheet where you want to apply the new font style.

For example, if you want to change the post title and sidebar module headers, you can Add the .entry-header and .entry-module classes as shown in the image. Once you have added all the classes, you click the Publish button to update your blog.

For additional questions about Typekit, you can visit the Typekit forum.

Not finding the font you want to use with Typekit? Check out Google Web Fonts or Cloud.typography for other options.


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