May 17, 2016

Twitter Card Configuration

Twitter Cards are a valuable tool to promote your website around Twitter and to see who is sharing your posts and pages. A Twitter Card will display as an attachment to tweet containing a link to your blog post or page. The card will include multimedia from the post with an excerpt. The addition of the card to the tweet also doesn't take away any of your 140 character limit!

Additionally, Twitter offers analytics to track how your Twitter Cards drive clicks and Retweets. Learn more.

Add Twitter Handle

First, the @username Twitter handles will need to be added to in the Sharing settings for each blog.

There are two types of Twitter handles that can be added - Site and Creator. If you only have one Twitter account, the fields can be populated with the same handle.

Site: The Twitter @username to attribute the card. Required for Twitter Card analytics.

Creator: The Twitter @username for the content creator/author.

To enable Twitter Cards:

  1. Open the Blogs menu and select a blog.
  2. Click to Settings > Sharing.
  3. Enter the Site and Creator handles. The @ is required.
  4. Click Save Changes.

Configure Twitter Card Settings

By adding the Twitter handles to the blog settings, the meta data required for configuring a Twitter Card will automatically be added to each post and page. When the post's URL is shared to Twitter, the large image summary card will appear below the tweet with an image from the post and summary of the text.

For best results, include photos which are least 600px wide in your posts and pages.

While the large image summary card is the only card type available as of May 2016, additional card options will be added in to the future to allow for audio, video, and gallery displays for Twitter Cards.

Validate Website at Twitter

It is recommended that you validate your website at Twitter for best results when utilizing Twitter Cards.

Go to, enter a URL for any post, and click Preview Card.

Validation will whitelist your entire site through Twitter. You only need to validate one post to ensure all future posts are shared with a Twitter Card.

Turn on Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics offers you a wealth of information on activity, followers, and reach of your shared links.

To turn on Twitter Analytics, go to and click the Turn Analytics On button. You'll be prompted to sign in to Twitter if you aren't already.

Then, you can check back to your Twitter Analytics page to see data collected over time.

Updated 17 May 2016

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