May 24, 2011

Theme: TweetPad

TweetPad is a customizable theme made to look and feel like a Twitter account and is available to all bloggers.

Pro Plus bloggers will have the option to include Custom Sidebar content, and Pro Unlimited and Business Class bloggers will be able to add Custom Sidebar content and Custom CSS.


When you select the TweetPad Theme, you can customize the background and colors of the theme or import a design from your Twitter account.

At Design > Background, you can click to Import Twitter Design. This will import the design from the Twitter account added to Typepad at Accounts > Other Accounts. You'll be prompted to select which Twitter account if you have multiple accounts added. If you do not have a Twitter account connected to your Typepad account, you will be prompted to allow Typepad access to Twitter. Click Accept to allow Typepad access and your Twitter account will be added to your Other Accounts on Typepad.

Alternatively, you can upload your own background image and set the colors for the Background, Text, Links, Sidebar, and Sidebar Border.

To upload a background image, click the Browse button to find the image on your computer and Open it. You can check the box to Tile Background. If you do not tile the background, the image will align to the top, left of the blog.

TweetPad Background

To change the colors of the design elements, click the color box to open the pop-up window. You can select your color or enter a color code. Once you have selected the color, click the OK button to close the box.

TweetPad Colors

Even if you import a Twitter design, you can continue to customize the design colors and background image on your blog.

When your design is set, click Save Changes. If you haven't applied the design to your blog yet, you'll also need to check the "Apply this design" box before clicking Save Changes.


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