August 04, 2011

Troubleshooting Password Protection

Blogs with Password Protection enabled can sometimes receive multiple login prompts when viewing their blogs. While most of the time this is due to incorrect login information, there are other circumstances what would cause the login prompt to appear more than once.

Login Information Matches Typepad Login

If you assign a username and password to a blog or Photo Album that matches the information you use to sign in to Typepad, this can cause multiple login prompts because it conflicts with your account's login. To resolve this, go to Settings > Password Protection and change the username to something different.

Adding "www" to the blog's URL

If a viewer attempts to access a blog at a URL similar to instead of, the password prompt will be presented twice. Accessing the blog with its correct URL, without the www, will resolve the problem. Since password protection was applied to the blog using a specific URL, this is causing the additional prompt.

Using Password Protection on Individual Items

If password protection is applied to an individual blog or Photo Album, displaying content from these areas on a different blog can cause multiple login prompts to appear as well.

In this case, we suggest canceling the second prompt you receive. Chances are a broken image will appear and this will indicate which item you to need to correct. This happens most often when users display different Photo Albums on their sidebar.

If changing your password protection settings to secure the account as a whole is not an option, you will need to use HTML and the 'Embed Your Own HTML' module at Design > Content to display your content in your sidebar. You can find more information on adding a linked image in your sidebar here.

Different URL Referenced in Blog

If you have set up domain mapping for your password protected blog or account and you are receiving multiple login prompts, this may be because you are accessing a URL that is not referred to in your blog.

For example, if you have mapped to and references to your Typepad URL are still in your blog, this could cause a problem when using While the login information may be accepted for the domain mapped version of your URL, you may receive a login prompt for each reference to in the blog.


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