August 18, 2011

Reactivating a Suspended Account

Paid Typepad accounts will become suspended when billing status shows one or more unpaid invoices or Do Not Auto Renew is selected at Account > Billing. Your invoices may be unpaid due to a billing error caused by your bank, a change in billing address, or because the charge was rejected by your bank for being over the limit. When a billing error occurs, you have seven days to resolve the issue before an account is suspended.

Reactivating an Account after a Billing Error

To reactivate your account, please go to Account > Billing Info and enter information for a card that can make payment. Once valid payment information is entered and approved, your account will be reactivated. We will run billing in 24 hours and if the new credit card information is good, you will be all set.

If there is still a billing error, you will need to resolve the issue with your creditor. You can submit the transaction again at any time, and as many times as you need, by saving the credit card information again.

Do Not Auto Renew

To reactivate an account after selecting Do Not Auto Renew, go to Account > Billing, uncheck the box, and confirm the change. Your account will be reactivated immediately and the prorated payment for the remainder of the billing cycle will be charged to the payment method on file.

Guest Accounts

Guest and Junior Authors with suspended accounts can cancel the paid portion of their account to reactive the free, guest account at Account > Billing Info > Billing Summary. Canceling the paid portion of the account will not affect your Guest or Junior Author status on other Typepad blogs. Please note that canceling the paid portion of your account will remove any Photo Albums or personal Weblogs you may have created. If you have any questions about your account status, please open a help ticket via the Help link.

Referral Codes

If you opened your account with a Referral Code for a lifetime discount, the discount will be applied to any published price offered by Typepad for as long as the member remains a member in good standing of Typepad. A member in good standing is one who has no interruption in membership greater than seven days and does not cancel or fail to pay for service when due. When you reactivate a suspended account, the discounted rate will no longer be applied to your billing rate.

If you have a question, please open a Help Ticket.

Updated 19 July 2018

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