August 12, 2011

Advanced Templates: Stylesheet Templates

Advanced Template Set designs are available with the Unlimited, Premium, and Business Class plans.

Default Stylesheet Templates

When you create a new advanced template set, the set will include the Base Weblog and the Asterisk Theme stylesheets.

Stylesheet Template

Theme Stylesheet Template

Editing the Stylesheet Templates

The Stylesheet Template imports the Base Weblog and Asterisk Theme stylesheets. You can view the full code for the base-weblog.css stylesheet here:

You can choose to import your own stylesheet or another of Typepad's themes by changing the @import url in the Stylesheet Template. If you are importing your own stylesheet, you can upload the stylesheet to your Typepad account at Library > File Manager. Then, replace asterisk-style.css with the full URL for your stylesheet. For example:

@import url(

To incorporate the style of another of Typepad's themes, you can find the theme's stylesheet URL by applying the theme to a test blog. Then, add styles.css to the end of the blog's URL to view the stylesheet for the blog. Under the Theme heading, you can copy the URL for the theme which will be used to replace asterisk-style.css in the Stylesheet Template.


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