July 22, 2014

Spotlight Posts

The Spotlight Posts module allows you to highlight the latest posts published to your blog in the sidebar. You can opt to display all the recent posts or limit the module to only display posts from a single category. Multiple Spotlight Posts modules can be added to display the latest posts from various categories.

The Spotlight Posts module can be added at Design > Content. Select the Links to your Blog's Content category. Select Spotlight Posts and click the Add This Module button. After choosing your settings, click OK and Save Changes to update your blog.

Add Spotlight Posts

Configure Your Spotlight Posts

Spotlight Posts Options

Module title

Enter a title to display above the module in the sidebar. Adding a module title is optional.

Maximum number of posts to display

Select the number of posts to display in the sidebar from 1 to 20.

Category to display

Choose a category of posts to display. If a category is not selected, the most recent posts published to your blog will display.


The first image uploaded to the post will display as a thumbnail in the sidebar if selected. You can choose to display the thumbnail above or to the left of the excerpt. Select None if you do not want to display an image.

Show excerpt

Select Yes to display an excerpt of the spotlight posts in the sidebar. The excerpt entered in the Excerpt field when composing your post will be displayed. If an Excerpt is not added, the beginning of the post will be displayed as the excerpt in the sidebar.

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