August 19, 2011

Display a Post Excerpt with the Split Extended Entry feature

The Extended Post (Split Extended Entry) feature allows you to display an introduction on the main and archives indexes with the remainder of the post on the individual Permalink page for the post. The reader would click the Continue reading... link at the end of the post introduction on the index page to read the entire post.

To display post excerpts for all posts, see the article on the Auto-Generated Excerpts feature.

In the Compose toolbar, there is an icon next to the Spellcheck icon.

Split Extended Entry button

Place your cursor in the location where you want the extended entry break to be added and click the Split Extended Entry button.

You can insert the marker anywhere you wish in the post. It is recommended that the break not split up a list.

Extended Entry in post

To move the Extended Entry break, click and drag the marker to a new location. If you'd like to remove the Extended Entry marker, click on the button in the toolbar again.

Using the Split Extended Entry feature allows you to include more content in a single post without overwhelming the content of the main page of your blog. For posts with many images or multimedia, the split extended entry feature is recommended to improve the load time of your blog.

Things to note:

  • Post Preview shows you the individual post page. You will not see the Continue reading... text when previewing your post since you preview the full post and not an index where only the excerpt would appear.
  • In HTML, Markdown, or Convert Line Breaks mode, you can also click the Split Extended Entry button in the toolbar to add the <hr class="at-page-break" /> tag to your post. You will need to copy the code and paste it in a new location if you want to change the location of the break.

Not quite what you are looking for? Check out these other articles:

  • To automatically display excerpts for all posts, see the article on Auto-Generated Excerpts.
  • For information on displaying excerpts in the blog feed, see the article on Feed Settings.

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