May 20, 2016

Why is my blog redirecting to a spam/advertising website?

A quick redirect when visiting your blog to another website, usually with advertisements or spam content, can be caused by a third-party script added to your blog. This is similar to the cause of unwanted pop-up ads. (For information on removing unwanted ads, see the Why are there ads on my site? article.)

We recommend only including third-party content on your site from trusted sources to avoid unexpected changes. Widgets, embed code, and scripts from another source, can all be the cause of the problem. Even if you have not made any recent changes, the third-party code is controlled by an outside source. That source can change how the code behaves at any time, without warning, effectively taking over your blog.

To resolve the issue, look for any instances of the web address the redirect links to in the custom content of your blog. For example, if the redirect goes to, look through the code in the custom modules at Design > Content for any reference to Then, you can remove that module. Also, check Typelists at Library > Typelists.

If the redirect still happens when you visit your blog, remove the remaining third-party modules one at a time. You'll want to copy the code to a text file for backup if you want to put the module back.

If you are unable to find the culprit, please submit a ticket at Help > New Ticket to request help locating the cause of the ads.

Updated 27 May 2016

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