August 04, 2011

Unable to sign in to Typepad

When you sign in to Typepad, you may need to use your email address and password or an external account. Most bloggers have an email address and password set for their account.

If you registered with an external account, you will need to use the same external account to sign in. An external account could be Facebook, Twitter, or other OpenID service. For additional information on registering with an external account, please see the external account article.

When I enter my email address and password, I receive the email or password you entered is incorrect error message. Why am I unable to access my account?

The most common cause of this problem is entering the email address and password incorrectly. Please note the email address and password for your account are case-sensitive. For example, is not the same as

If you have forgotten your password, you can recover your password by clicking here and entering the email address associated with your account. If your email address can not be found, email with your blog's domain name and Typepad support will check the email address for your account.

Can I use my member name to sign in?

Typepad bloggers who registered before 2008 will have a member name which can be used to sign in instead of using an email address. The member name is case-sensitive. Newer Typepad bloggers will not have a member name. The member name is not necessarily the same as your account domain name.

Why am I unable to accept a Guest or Junior Author Invitation?

For more information on accepting an email invitation to post to a Typepad blog, please see the article on accepting an author invitation.

I'm using the correct email address and password. Why am I unable to sign in?

It is possible you have a corrupt cookie in your browser that is preventing you from accessing your account. Deleting your browser cookies should resolve the problem.

See the the article on how to clear browser cookies and cache for the steps specific to your browser.

Why am I unable to sign in using Internet Explorer 7?

Depending on your security settings, you may encounter problems accessing the secure sign in page for Typepad. If you are unable to log in, you can change your browser settings at Select Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Settings > Sites. Enter the Typepad log in address,, in the box "Address of Website" and then click the "Allow" button.

Why are there no blogs listed when I log in to my account?

If you have multiple accounts, it is possible you are logged into your Profile account. Click the Sign Out link in the upper, right corner of your account. Then, you can attempt to log in to your Typepad account.

I have multiple accounts. Why am I only able to access one of my accounts?

When trying to access a different account, first you will need to exit the other account. Visit the secure log in page here and click the Sign Out link in the upper, right corner. Then, you can log into your other account.

I am only able to see the registration page for a new account. Why can't I sign in to my already existing account?

If you see the page that asks you to register for a new account, click here to log out of Typepad's registration process. You can then login and access your existing account.

When I try to log in, I receive an error message from the server. What is going on?

If there is a known issue with the system, the Typepad Status site will be updated with further information.

Why am I still unable to sign in to my account?

If you are continuing to encounter problems when trying to access your account or unable to do Password Recovery, you can contact the support team for further assistance by emailing Please include the domain name for your blog and details about what happens when you attempt to sign in.


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