August 15, 2011

Blog Settings: Sharing

The Sharing page provides ways for you to share your new posts on social networking sites, publicize your blog on your Typepad Profile and encourage your readers to log into their own Typepad Profiles. Sharing your content on other sites like Facebook and on your Typepad Profile is an important and effective way of increasing traffic to your blog.

Share your posts on social networks

The options available under Share your posts with friends on other social networks will reflect the accounts that you have added to the Other Accounts settings in your Account. If you do not have Twitter, Facebook, or Facebook Pages added to your Other Accounts in Typepad, you will not see these options.

By enabling services under Always share my posts, you allow Typepad to automatically check the Share This Post option on the Compose page. You can select or deselect sharing from Compose on a per-post basis. The default setting will also apply to posts sent via email.

More information about sharing posts to your Facebook Profile is available here. To share posts to a Facebook Page, please see the article here.

Share this blog on Typepad

If your blog is set to be public in Settings > SEO, you'll have the option to choose Yes, share new posts on my Typepad profile. This allows Typepad to show your new posts in the activity stream on your Typepad Profile. You can view your Profile by clicking your name in the Dashboard navigation bar, next to the Account link.

Encourage logged-in commenting

When commenters are logged into their Typepad Profile accounts, their comments and a link to your post will be displayed on their profile and on the dashboard of those who follow them. This can help encourage new readers to visit your blog.


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