July 01, 2011

Share new posts to a Facebook Page

When you publish a new post, the post can be shared to your Facebook Profile or a Facebook Page automatically.

If you want to share posts to your Facebook Profile, please see the article on sharing to Facebook.

Setting Up Sharing to a Facebook Page

First, you'll need to connect your blog to a Facebook Page. This only needs to be done once.

1. Go to Settings > Sharing for the blog.
2. Click the Connect your blog to Facebook link.

Connect to Facebook

3. Click the Connect button. If you aren't already signed in to Facebook, you'll be prompted to do so. Please allow a few seconds for the Facebook buttons to load.
4. Click the Like button. If the page has been previously Liked, click the x to Unlike the page and then click Like again to prompt the Facebook connection.
5. In the pop-up box, select the Page from the drop-down menu.
6. Click OK.

Set Posts to Share All New Posts Automatically

You can opt to share all new posts to your Facebook Page when the posts are published.

1. Go to Settings > Sharing for the blog.
2. Check the box next to the Facebook Page listed to always publish posts to the selected page. You can also opt to share to a Facebook Profile or Twitter account.
3. Click the Save Changes button.

Always Publish to Facebook

When composing posts in your Typepad account, the Share This Post box will be automatically checked when the post status is set to Publish or Publish On... You can uncheck the sharing option for individual accounts before publishing through the Typepad application.

If the post is set to Draft status, the Share This Post boxes will not be available when editing your post. Once the post's status is changed to Publish or Publish On..., you will be able to share the post.

With posts set to always share to the selected accounts, posting via the following methods will be automatically shared:

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