July 01, 2011

Share posts to a Facebook Fan or Business Page

Facebook only allows you to connect to your personal Facebook Profile at Account > Other Accounts. However, you do have several options for sharing your blog posts on a Facebook Fan or Business Page. If you want to share posts to your Facebook Profile, please see the article here.

Facebook Like Button

If you have a Facebook Page connected to your personal profile, you can add the Like button to your blog's sidebar. Once you connect your blog to an existing Facebook Page, any newly published posts will automatically show up on your Facebook Page.

Note: You can only connect a Page which is managed through your personal Facebook account.

At Settings > Sharing, click the Connect your blog to Facebook link. You'll be prompted to allow the connection. Then you can choose a page from the drop-down menu. If you are not prompted to select a Facebook Page, your Facebook Page is not eligible to be set up for sharing using this method. You can, however, use your blog's feed with IFTTT to share your posts to the Facebook Page.

See the Add Facebook Like Button article.

Once connected, you can enable comment syncing to see comments on Facebook and Typepad be shared.

RSS to Facebook Page Ifttt.com Recipe

Ifttt.com is a third-party site which allows you to create recipes to perform online actions. The recipe for RSS to Facebook Page can be used to share your recent blog posts directly to your Page's newsfeed. You can also customize the content included in the status update in addition to the link to your latest post.

Go to the recipe page at Ifttt.com and click the Use Recipe button. If you don't already have an Ifttt.com account, you'll be prompted to create one.

Enter your blog's RSS feed URL which will be similar to http://example.typepad.com/blog/atom.xml. Edit the content you want to be included when your latest post is shared to Facbeook. Then click Create Task.

Using the NetworkedBlogs application

NetworkedBlogs is a Facebook application which allows you to share content from your blog and others on your Facebook Page or Profile.

1. Sign in to Facebook and get the NetworkedBlogs application.

2. Then register your blog.

3. NetworkedBlogs will ask you to verify ownership. We recommend selecting the "Use widget to verify ownership" option. You will copy the code for the widget which can be added to your blog using the 'Embed Your Own HTML' module at Design > Content. More information on adding widgets to your blog is available here. You can remove the widget after verification is complete.

4. You'll automatically be following the blog you have registered.

For more information on the NetworkedBlogs application, see the NetworkedBlogs FAQ.

Adding Facebook badge for your page

Facebook offers badges which can be added to your blog's sidebar to advertise your Page at http://www.facebook.com/badges/page.php. Click the Typepad button to add the widget directly to your blog.

If you are using a mixed media layout or Advanced Templates for your blog's design, click "Other" to copy and paste the code for the widget. More information on installing widgets is available in the widgets article.


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