August 18, 2011

Blog Settings: SEO

Typepad has several built-in SEO features that can be configured with just the click of a mouse. You can allow search engines, like Google, to index your blog, set meta keywords and descriptions to help with proper indexing, and automatically share your posts on third party services like Twitter and FaceBook. Or, if you'd like to keep your blog private, there is an option to hide your blog from search engines.

Publicity Status

Publicized means that your blog will appear on Typepad's Recently Updated List, the Six Apart Update Stream, and allows the blog to be indexed by search engines. It also allows you to send your blog updates to third party services like FaceBook and Twitter.

Setting a blog as Not Publicized means that code will be added to prevent Google and other search engines from indexing your blog. This also disables the options to share new posts on FaceBook, Twitter, and Facebook Page and disables the Google Sitemap.

If you would like complete privacy, you can set up password protection, which would require readers to know a username and password to view your blog. You can read more about password protection here.

Google Sitemap

By selecting the Generate Google Sitemap option, a sitemap will be created for your blog that can be used to tell Google which pages are part of your site. Additional information is available in the article about Google Sitemaps.

Title Format

Select the order for showing the Post/Page title and weblog name in the browser's address bar. Choosing an option that displays the Post/Page title first may help to improve search engine indexing for the Post or Page.


Meta Keywords and Description

Meta data is used by search engines to categorize the content of your blog for use in search results. Meta Keywords, or meta tags, will not display on your blog but will be included in your page source. Select keywords that describe the subject(s) of your blog and separate the words with a comma.


If you've entered a Description on the Basics page, at Settings > Basics, that text will be used to populate the Description field on your SEO page. However, this text is a suggestion and you can change the Description text to anything you wish.



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