July 08, 2011


Under the Design tab for each blog, you can click the Layouts option to choose the the number of columns and type of layout you'd like to use for your blog. You can choose from a Classic Layout or Mixed Media Layout for your blog.

Please note the Avatar, Chroma, and Pica pre-made themes have a set layout which can not be changed. With a majority of the pre-made themes and all custom themes created with the Theme Builder, you can choose from the five Classic Layouts.

Classic Layouts

2 Column Layouts

A two column design is a simple but flexible choice that tucks your links and TypeLists neatly to the side. Your posts have plenty of space but there's room for lists and widgets.

Two Column Classic LayoutsThe Two Column (Left) layout places the sidebar on the left and the main post column on the right. The Two Column (Right) layout places the sidebar on the right and the main post column on the left. The Two Column (Right) is recommended to improve the load time of your blog when you have a lot of widgets &/or ads in the sidebar.

3 Column Layouts

Three Column Classic LayoutsA three column layout is your best choice if you have a lot of supplementary sidebar content that you'd like to present along with your blog posts. This gives the page more of a formal structure and offers the most space for photos, links, widgets, and TypeLists.

With the Three Column (Right) layout, both sidebars are to the right of the main post column. This may be a good choice if you have a series of ads or banners you'd like to place in the far right column.

1 Column Layout

One Column Classic LayoutThe One Column layout puts your posts front and center. The clean, uncluttered layout will allow readers to focus on the text or photos that you've posted without any other elements to distract from your ideas. Your links and other information appear below the main blog.

Mixed Media Layouts

Mixed Media Layouts are perfect for displaying a mix of text, photos, video, audio and other types of media. They are ideal when posting remotely using a mobile device such as a mobile phone with camera. Mixed Media Layouts are not available with all pre-made themes.


Artistic Mixed Media LayoutThe Artistic layout is good for spotlighting your most recent photo and features space on the left for your posts. This layout also displays the five most recent photos in your blog. Your links and other information appear under your most recent photos.


Calendar Mixed Media LayoutThe Calendar layout is good for displaying a calendar with your recent photos. Your photos will appear on the right side and your posts will appear on the left. Your links and other information appear under the calendar.

3 Columns

Three Column Mixed Media LayoutThe Three Column layout is similar to the classic three-column layout but features your most recent photos in the layout's right hand column. This layout provides plenty of space for your posts in the center column and room for your links and other information in the left hand column.

4 Columns

Four Column Mixed Media LayoutThe Four Column layout is similar to the three-column layout, as it features your most recent photos in the left hand sidebar. It also features two sidebars to the right that allow plenty of space for you links and other information.


Timeline Mixed Media LayoutThe Timeline layout is great way to feature your most recent photos. It is similar to the Calendar layout but it does not use a calendar format to display your most recent photos. You also have room for your links and other information under the most recent photos.

Notes about Mixed Media Layouts

  • Photos posted to Your Photo Album will not appear in a Mixed Media Layout, although you can post photos separately to a Mixed Media Layout.
  • You cannot use the Side Calendar, Typepad Recently Updated List, or Search modules in a Mixed Media Layout.
  • You can choose which of your TypeLists to display in the Layout, but you cannot set the order in which they display.
  • Mixed Media Layouts do not use Typepad's drag and drop content layout editor.
  • The Recent Photos list in the Mixed Media Layouts includes photos uploaded to posts using the Insert Image button in the Rich Text editor when composing your posts.


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