August 05, 2016

Schedule Post to Publish in Future or Backdate Post

Posts can be scheduled to be published at a future date and time. You can also backdate a post to set the publish date in the past to change the order of posts.

Schedule a Future Post

When composing a new post, open the Status menu and select Publish On.

Publish On Status

A calendar pop-up box will open where the date and time can be selected.


After setting the date and time, click OK to close the box. When you are ready to save the post, click the Schedule button.


The post will be available to be edited in the Posts list. A clock icon indicates which posts are scheduled to be published in the future.

Posts List

The date and time of the post can be changed any time by clicking the timestamp below the Status menu. Learn more.

Backdate a Post

The date and time of any post can be changed or set to a date in the past. Following the same steps as publishing a post in the future, open the Status menu and select Publish On, enter the historical date and time, and click OK. When you click the Schedule button, however, the post will be published immediately with the post dated in the past.

Please note Pages are not organized by date therefore the date of a Page can not be changed.

Updated 05 August 2016

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