August 18, 2011

Managing Saved Designs

When you create a new design, the design will be stored in the Your Designs section of the Design tab for all blogs within your account. You can create an unlimited number of designs within your account.

Your Designs


The current design applied to your blog is designated by the Currently Applied Design label. Designs applied to other blogs within your account are designated by *. From the Customize and Actions menus, you can make changes or preview any saved designs.


The Customize menu allows you to go to the edit design areas for the specific design. The menu options will vary depending on the design.

  • Banner (Chroma and Mosaic themes only)
  • Colors (pre-made themes)
  • Custom Sidebar (Chroma, and Mosaic themes only)
  • Layouts
  • Content
  • Theme Builder
  • Custom CSS (Pro Unlimited and Business Class plans)
  • Templates (Advanced Template designs)


  • Apply: Replace the Current design with the selected design.
  • Preview: View the design in a new window as it would display applied to your current design.
  • Rename: Change the Name &/or Description of the design.
  • Duplicate: Create a copy of the design.
  • Delete: Delete the design. You will be prompted to confirm the deletion.


  • All Pro plans allow you to create multiple blogs within your account. You can create a second test blog to create and edit a new design before applying it to your main blog. Once the design is ready, go to the Design tab for your main blog and select Apply from the Actions menu for the new design.
  • Use the Duplicate function to create a copy of a current design to apply to a new blog. Then, you can apply a similar design to a new blog and make changes to it to fit your new blog.

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