August 18, 2011

Getting Additional Support

Typepad bloggers with a paid plan - Basic, Plus, Unlimited, Enterprise, & Business Class - receive one-on-one support from the Typepad support team. Support is also available during the trial period.

When you have a question, click the Help link in the upper right corner of your account. There you can search the Knowledge Base for any relevant articles.

For the latest Typepad status, check the status site or @Typepad on Twitter.

If you have a question which isn't answered in the documentation, click the New Ticket link to open a new support request.

For Typepad bloggers who don't have a paid plan, or if you are unable to access the Help section, you can contact Typepad support by completing the contact form or emailing You can also reach out to us on Twitter and Facebook.

Submitting a Support Request

What area of Typepad do you need help with?

Select the reason for submitting a ticket using the drop-down menu on the New Ticket page.


The subject should be a short description of your problem, question, or comment. Using a good title for the ticket makes it easier to find if you need to go back to it at a later date.

Describe your problem or question

Describe your issue to the best of your ability. The more descriptive the message is, the quicker and easier it is to solve. Include the URL of the page you are referring to, and the name of the blog if you have multiple blogs within your account. Also, include your browser and operating system information if this would be useful for your situation. If the site is password protected, provide the username and password to view the site.

You can post HTML code and Typepad tags directly into the ticket, this will show up the correct way without any special formatting. If your question is about templates and you are a Pro member, specify whether you are using basic or advanced templates.

Ticket Tips: Want to get the best response to your ticket? Follow these tips when writing your ticket.

  • Include the web address for your blog in your ticket. If you have two or 200 blogs in your account, knowing which blog is related your question ensures the correct blog is being evaluated.
  • If relevant, provide the username/password to view a password protected blog. When troubleshooting display issues, it is helpful to take a look at the blog where the problem is occurring.
  • Limit each ticket to one question. For easier tracking and quicker follow up, open a separate ticket for each question.
  • Include what browser and version you are using to edit your blog. If you are using a mobile device, include the type of device (Android, iPad, etc.).

We will answer your request as quickly as possible, and the response will be displayed at Help > Past Tickets.

If you'd like to include a screenshot with your support ticket, you can do this by uploading the image via your File Manager and provide the URL of the image in your ticket reply.

Closed Tickets

Tickets are flagged as Closed when the ticket is resolved or inactive. You can close a ticket by checking the Mark this ticket as resolved and clicking Submit Response. A ticket with a Closed status can be reopened by adding a new response, but we do recommend you open a new ticket instead of reopening an older ticket.

Acknowledged Tickets

When the status of the ticket is Acknowledged, the ticket is continuing to be reviewed. This could be the case if an issue is not yet resolved and is awaiting resolution, if a request for a new feature is under consideration, or if the ticket needs further investigation.

Email Notification

You will receive an email notification when there is a response to your support request sent to the email that you have entered in your Typepad Account.

The email notification is sent automatically. Do not respond to the email notify; this is a no-reply message. Make sure to go to your ticket in Typepad at Help > Past Tickets to reply.

Automatic Error System

If you receive an error while using the system, Typepad will open a window informing you of the error, and you can report the error so we can look into it.

When you receive an automatic error message, enter a description in the text box about what you were doing when the error occurred and press "Report Error" to send the details of the error to the help system. This will automatically open a help ticket for you about the error.

Viewing Support Requests

To view your support tickets, go to Help > Past Tickets. There is a Status label to let you know the status of your support request.

Having trouble logging into your account?

If you are unable to log into your Typepad account, please feel free to use the password recovery form or use the form to contact us here.


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