June 16, 2011

Recommended Widgets

With a widget, you can integrate third-party content directly in your blog's sidebar. Widgets can be found by doing an online search, and we've listed our recommended and most asked about widgets below. For information on installing widgets, please see the Widgets Installation article.


You can include a badge for your Etsy shop in your blog's sidebar. Learn more.


If you have a Facebook Fan or Business Page, you can add a Like badge to your blog's sidebar.

FeedBurner Chicklet

The FeedBurner chicklet widget adds a colorful feed icon to your blog's sidebar. Within your FeedBurner account, go to Publicize > Chicklet Chooser to configure and add the widget to your blog. Learn more.

FeedBurner Email Subscription

If you want to offer an option for your readers to receive notifications of new posts via email, you can add the email subscription form to your blog's sidebar. Learn more.


You can add a LinkedIn badge to your blog's sidebar which links to your LinkedIn profile.


The Shareaholic is configured to display social media sharing options in the footer of your posts. The widget code is added to the Head Module. Learn more.


The official Twitter widget can be customized to match your blog's design. Learn more.

Updated 21 December 2016

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