May 08, 2012

Recommended Links And Posts

Typepad has partnered with Zemanta to offer Recommended links and posts to you while you compose your posts and pages. The suggestions will include links to your own posts on your blog encouraging readers to visit archived posts.

Please note this feature is entirely optional. If you aren't interested in including recommended links and related posts, you do not need to select any of the suggested content, and you can close the Recommended links and posts box on the compose page by clicking the section heading.

From the Compose page, open the Recommended links and posts field to reveal the suggested links based on your post content. Click the Update button to refresh the suggested links. You need to have included at least 300 characters in your post to receive suggestions.

Use the suggested Related Links to quickly add useful links to a variety of websites, including Wikipedia, Google Maps, YouTube,, and your own blog content.

Use the suggested links to Related Posts to link to other bloggers writing about similar topics. By linking to other blogs, you reach out to other authors who may also return the link and help you to expand your audience. See the Zemanta FAQ for more details.

Hover over any of the suggested links to choose which website you want to link in your post. Then, click on the link to add the link to the relevant keywords in your posts. The recommended links will be identical to other links added to your post using the Insert Link function.

Recommended Links
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Links already added to your post are designated by a blue border in the Recommended Links And Posts field. Click on the link icon to remove the link from the post and the icon will have a grey border.

Zemanta will index your blog's content to also provide you with suggested links to other posts and pages of your blog. Recommended Links to your own content will be designated with the Your Post icon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to display related links &/or posts on my blog?
No. It is optional to display the related content in the footer of your posts. You can close the Recommended links and posts box on the compose page by clicking on the section heading.

Can I display the Recommend Links and Posts on a blog using an Advanced Template Set?
Yes, you can add utilize this feature on a blog using an Advanced Template Set. If you have a template set created before 06/19/13, you will need to update your template set, and the steps for completing the update are available in the Adding Recommend Links And Posts To Advanced Templates article. Template sets created after 06/19/13 will have the necessary template tags included in templates by default. The date a design is created is displayed next to each design on the Design tab.

Isn't displaying related posts or promoted links advertising for other sites? Why would I want to do that?
Good question. By linking to other sites, you are more likely to be linked back to if you share related content with your readers. Need more convincing? Check out this short video on sharing the Link Love.

Are you placing ads on my site without my permission?
No. The related posts and links are not advertisements, and you do not have to display the related content in your posts.

Will others be able to display related content from blog on their site?
Only if you want to have your content be included in Zemanta's Promoted Content Exchange. Sign up with Zemanta to be a part of the Promoted Content Exchange.

Can I place outside links on my blog via the Related Posts feature and get paid for promoting others content?
Yes. You can sign up with Zemanta to be a part of the Promoted Content Exchange to see if you qualify.

Is the Recommended links and posts feature available in all languages?
No. At this time, the feature is only available in English.

See the Zemanta FAQ for more information.


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