August 11, 2011

Typepad's Reblog Feature

Reblog brings the Blog It bookmarklet functionality to the blog side. It allows Typepad users to easily reblog posts and content on other Typepad blogs to their own Typepad blogs.

Reblog allows readers to easily reblog to their own Typepad blogs without leaving yours. This carries over your content with a link back to your blog, which can help increase traffic.

Enabling Reblog

For all other themes, you can add Reblog to the post footers via Blogs > Design > Content. Reblog is added by default to all new blogs but can be disabled via the Content page.

Reblog is embedded in the Chroma theme by default and cannot be turned disabled with this theme.

Using Reblog

If you're logged into Typepad, simply click the Reblog button on the post footer and this will open the Reblog window.


The Reblog window will behave similarly to the Blog It bookmarklet. It will select clippings of content from the post and has a space for you to add your commentary. To edit the post, click within the Clipping window to expose the HTML for the post, make any changes, and click OK. Then, you can choose which blog on your account to post to, whether to share it with FaceBook, Twitter, or Facebook Page, and whether you want to post it immediately or edit the post inside Typepad before publishing.

For people who are NOT logged in, they will have the opportunity to compose a Reblog and register for a free Typepad Micro account at the same time.


When someone reblogs one of your posts, you can choose to be notified via email. At Account > Notifications, check the box next to reblogs one of my posts and click Save Changes. Next time someone reblogs your post, you'll be notified via email with a link to the blog and profile of the person who reblogged your blog.


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