August 18, 2011

Blog It Bookmarklet

Typepad's Blog It bookmarklet allows you to post to Typepad without going through the Typepad main interface. After installing the bookmarklet, you can post from anywhere on the web.

Note: Due to changes in browser functionality, the Blog It Bookmarklet currently only works with the Firefox browser. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Adding the bookmarklet to your browser

You can grab the bookmarklet by going to Blogs > Overview and grabbing the button under Other Ways to Post.


Firefox: To add the bookmarklet, drag the button to your browser's menu or Favorites toolbar. The bookmarklet is now ready to use for posting to Typepad.

Blogging with the bookmarklet

Once you've added the bookmarklet, you can easily create a post from any web page by clicking on the button. The bookmarklet will automatically select text and images that you can use in a post. Alternatively, you can highlight a block of text on the web page and then click on the bookmarklet. That block of text will be transferred to the bookmarklet window. Other fields that can be edited in the bookmarklet:

  • Blog: For members with more than one blog, you will have a drop-down menu to select from.
  • Title: This will default to the web page title.
  • Clipping: Content from the page that you'd like to highlight. You can edit any text by clicking inside the field.
  • Your Notes: Add your own words below the clipping.
  • Share With: These will respect your blog settings.

If you'd like to add categories or keywords, you can continue editing the post in Typepad. Otherwise, exiting the bookmarklet will save your post as a draft.


Updated 18 January 2017

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