May 11, 2012

Add Password Protected Pages And Files To Your Site

The Password Protection feature allows you to require a username and password to view an entire blog in your account. In some cases, you may only want to protect some pages or files, but not your entire site. By creating a second blog, you can manage your public and private content in your account and cross-link between the two.

First, we'll want to create a new blog which is password protected. Each blog has a unique folder in the File Manager. When you password protect a blog, all content included in the folder is also protected.

1) From the Blogs menu, select Add A Blog.

2) Choose a Folder Name which you can identify easily in a URL as a link to your protected content. Examples: secure, protected, private

3) Uncheck the Publicize this blog box.

4) Click Create Blog.

5) Go to Settings.

6) Check the Protect this blog with a password.

7) Set a Username and Password.

8) Click Save Changes.

Now, you have a folder in your Typepad account which is password protected. You can change the username and password for the folder anytime from the blog's Settings.

Add Protected Files

Adding protected files is ideal for adding files to your account you want to limit access to download. If you are selling a pattern, song, article, or other file, you can upload the file to the protected folder. After you receive payment, you can provide the file URL and username/password to the requester.

At Library > File Manager, click to open the folder for your protected blog. Click the Browse or Choose File button to select the file to upload and click Upload.

The file will be included in the folder. Right-click on the filename and select to Copy Link or Copy Shortcut to get the URL for the file.

Add Protected Pages

The password protected blog can also be used to add some protected pages to your public blog.

First, you'll want to apply the same design to your protected blog as your main site to give both the public and private blogs the same look. This allows readers to seamlessly transition between the public and private content you have added to your site.

Go to the Design tab and scroll down to the list of designs. Next to the design used for the main site, open the Actions menu and click Duplicate. The page will refresh with a copy of the design added to the list. Next to the copy open the Actions menu and select Apply. (more info)

With your protected blog looking like your main site, you can create new posts and pages which require a username/password to access.

Link To Protected Content On Public Site

After uploading the files and creating pages, you can add links to the files on your public blog using a Links Typelist.

When a reader of your public blog clicks a link to view or download a protected file, they will be prompted to enter the correct username and password access the file.


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