August 11, 2011

Prohibited Content

We take pride in providing our subscribers with as much freedom of speech as possible but there is certain material that is not permitted on our service. Most prohibited material is either banned due to United States or international treaty law, or is banned in an effort to keep the service usable for all members.

The content of this article is not an exhaustive list, but is intended solely to illustrate some common violations of Typepad's Terms of Service. You should refer to the Terms of Service, particularly section 7 (Content and Conduct Rules and Obligations) for a definitive list.

Blogs, posts, comments and other content (including images, audio, video, and other files uploaded to the Typepad servers) not permitted on TypePad include but are not limited to material that:

  • is created solely to harass another user;
  • invades the privacy of another user by posting personal information;
  • is intended to interfere with another user's use of the site;
  • incites violence against an individual, race, ethnicity, or orientation;
  • meets the United States legal definition of "indecent;"
  • contains child pornography (explicit, nude, or erotic pictures taken of anyone under the age of 18, even if the model is over 18 at the time of posting);
  • contains unsolicited advertising of any service, goods, or forum (including a TypePad blog or post);
  • infringes the copyright, trademark, or patent of an individual or corporation;
  • promotes or provides instruction about illegal activities;
  • violates applicable state, federal, or international law.

The Typepad Terms of Service Team will not take action on content you find objectionable, but that does not violate the Terms of Service. For instance, a comment containing opinions you personally find distasteful, without being harassing, indecent, or libelous, would not violate the Terms of Service.

If you have found content that you believe is in violation of the Terms of Service, please email You can find more information on reporting a terms of service violation here.


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