January 03, 2014

Author Profile Photo

You can personalize your Typepad account by adding a profile photo that represents you and your blog. After uploading your photo, the photo will display on your Typepad Profile. Additionally, you can add your profile photo to the sidebar of any blog and have your profile photo display next to your comments.

Uploading a Profile Photo

To add a Profile Photo, visit your Profile by clicking the Display Name at the top of the Dashboard. Then, click the Edit Your Profile link. Please note you will only see the Edit Your Profile link if you are signed in to your Typepad account.

Under Userpic, click on Choose File or Browse, locate the image you wish to use on your computer, and click Open. You'll see the selected image as the Userpic. Finally, click Save Changes to update your Typepad Profile.

Learn more about editing your Typepad Profile.

Display Profile Photo on Blog

To add the Profile Photo to your blog, go to Design > Content, select the About You category, select the Profile Photo, and click the "Add this module" button.


Select the width of the image by choosing an option from the "Size of image" menu. Keep in mind most themes include 15px of padding to the left and right of the column. To display the full image, you may need to choose a width that is at least 30px less than your column width. Use the Preview function to see how the profile photo looks in the sidebar before saving changes.

To center the photo in the sidebar column, check the box to "Center image?"

Configure Your Profile Photo

After configuring the module, click OK. Then, rearrange the modules in the sidebar and click Save Changes.

Add More Sidebar Images: Using the Sidebar Image Module, you can add more images to your blog's sidebar. If you want to add a photo for each author, for instance, you can add a sidebar image that links to the additional author's profile. Learn more.

Display Profile Photo with Comments

To enable profile photos to display next to comments, go to Settings > Comments, check the box to "Show userpics next to each comment", under Comment Userpics, and click Save Changes. Next time you comment on your blog, click to Sign in with Typepad above the comment form before you submit your comment and your profile photo will display next to your comment.

Learn more about Comments Settings.


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