August 12, 2011

Posting via Email

Moblogging, short for Mobile Blogging, is the ability to add posts to your blog from outside of the Typepad application. Typepad's moblogging features let you send text posts or photos from portable devices which are then automatically posted to the blog or album you have specified.

You can try out moblogging with devices like portable phones, PDAs or digital cameras. Many mobile phones and mobile phone plans have internet capabilities. If your phone can send an email message, you can use Typepad's moblogging functionality. You can also post to Typepad via regular email using mobile posting.

Obtaining the Custom Email Address

You will send your posts or images to the custom email address for the blog or Photo Album. There is a separate custom email address for each blog and Photo Album in your account.

To obtain the custom email address for a blog, select your blog from the Blogs dropdown, then Settings > Post by Email. For Photo Albums, choose the Photo Albums option listed in the Library dropdown. Click on the Settings link, then scroll to the bottom of the page.

Your custom email address will be displayed. You can copy the address and use it when composing your email. You can also choose to have an email notification sent back to you when your post is published successfully.

You can generate a new custom email address for a blog or Photo Album at any time by using the Reset button.

Important Note about Your Custom Email Address

Any email or photo that is sent to your custom email address will be automatically published to the associated blog or Photo Album. For this reason, we caution against sharing the email address unless it is your intent to allow other people to post content to your site.

Guest Authors and Moblogging

Guest Authors also use a custom email address to post to any blog to which they've been invited. To find the email address, click the Overview tab for the blog. This will bring you to the blog Overview page. The custom email address is shown in the Other Ways to Post section in the right sidebar. Each blog uses a separate custom email address for posting.

Posting from Your Mobile Device

Compose the message. If you send a file attachment with the message, this will be included with your post. Images, videos, and audio files will be embedded within your post; for all other file types, a link to the file will be added so that your readers can download the file. Add your custom email address to the "To" line of the email and send.

Your message will appear on your blog or Photo Album after it is sent. Make sure to refresh the page in your browser when you view your site, in case your browser cached an older version of the page.

Please note any formatting (color, style, spacing, etc.) applied to the content of the email will be stripped before the post is published to your blog. Rich Text/HTML formatting is not accepted; Plain Text only.

Using Categories with your Posts

You can easily categorize your post by adding the following text before your message in the body of the email. Note, only current categories already in your blog can be used:

category or categories: [insert categories, separated by commas]


To: post-by-email secret address
Subject: My Art

category: art, design, illustration
This is my post about my latest paintings. Thanks for visiting my blog. Enjoy!


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