August 03, 2014

Add One Time Pop-up Welcome Message

A Welcome Message can be added to your blog to welcome new visitors or highlight an important announcement to all readers.

To enable the Welcome message, open the Blogs menu, select a blog, and click to the Settings tab. Select to include the Welcome Message as a Popover or Embedded message, enter your message, and click Save Changes.

Add Welcome Message

The Welcome Message can include HTML to format the message or just text. You can also include code for links and images.

Welcome Message Options

When the Popover option is selected, the welcome message will appear as a pop-up over the blog. Visitors will need to close the window to continue on to the blog.

When the Embedded option is selected (recommended), the welcome message will appear at the top of the main content column within the container of the blog. Visitors will have the option to close the message box but it is not necessary to read the blog. This option is similar to a Featured post but the reader has the ability to close the message box.

New Announcement
By checking the New Announcement box, the message will appear to new and previous visitors to the blog by resetting the browser cookie. This option should be selected if you have new information to convey to all readers of your blog.

Other Details of Note:

  • The Welcome Message relies on a browser cookie to recognize the visitor has already seen the pop-up or closed the embedded message. If browser cookies are cleared or a different browser used to visit the blog, the message will appear again even if the New Announcement box is not checked.
  • What's a browser cookie? A browser cookie allows a website to remember your preferences when visiting the site. With the cookie added to your browser, the next visit to the website will be quicker and more useful to you.
  • The New Announcement checkbox will not remain checked after saving changes.

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