August 08, 2011


What is podcasting?

As a blogger with Typepad you can easily set up a feed for your podcast by uploading audio and/or video files to your posts. Then the multimedia files will be included as enclosures in your RSS and Atom feeds. A subscriber to your feed will download the enclosures in their feed reader, like iTunes.

Inserting audio and video files into your posts.

To get started, all you'll need to do is use the Insert Audio, Insert Video, or Insert File buttons in your compose editor to upload the multimedia file of your podcast. When you publish the post, your feed will be recognized as having an enclosure and anywhere you've setup your podcast (iTunes, podcast alley, etc.) will be updated.

You can also use third-party video hosts, like YouTube or Vimeo, to store your video files. This will then allow you to embed the video files into your blog for your podcast without having them count toward your monthly bandwidth.

Add link to podcast feed to your blog.

From there, you can add a link to your sidebar or navigation bar so that the link automatically opens the reader's iTunes and subscribes them. To do this, you can use a Links TypeList or add it to your Navigation Bar.

The link URL you would use for iTunes is:


Where you replace FEEDURL with the URL you created at FeedBurner. It may look similar to:

You can read more about iTunes podcasting here.

Podcast and Episode Information

Typepad uses your blog and post information in applications such as iTunes to describe your podcast and its episodes. Here are a few options and the corresponding fields in Typepad used to display this information:

  • Podcast Title: this information is taken from your blog's title. If your podcast's title is different than your blog's title, you would need to create a new blog for your podcast, then link to your podcast on your main blog.
  • Episode Title: this information is taken from your post's title.
  • Episode Description: this information is taken from your post's body or your post's excerpt. We would recommend using your post's excerpt instead as the description can be cut short if it exceeds 280 characters. Using the excerpt will allow you to display the episode's description in full. You can use some HTML to add line breaks in this field.

While you can use Typepad to specify some of the information in your podcast, other information can only be obtained from the podcast episode audio file itself. Options such as artist and episode artwork are detected in the audio file. You can to use an external application to edit the audio file's information. You may want to try using an application like iTunes to accomplish this. By adding the file to the application's library and going to File > Get Info, you can edit or add the information in the Info and Artwork tabs. Then you can click on the file and drag it to the Desktop or a folder in your computer. This should be done before the audio file is uploaded to Typepad.


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