August 19, 2011

Photo Albums Overview

Typepad provides photo albums with every Pro plan as a way to showcase your photos in their own online galleries. With Basic, Plus, Unlimited, Premium, and Business Class accounts, you can create an unlimited number of albums. Photo Albums are not available with the Micro plan.

You can access the Photo Albums area of your account by clicking on Library and then Photo Albums.

The Photo Albums page lists all of your photo albums. The listing for each photo album includes the number of photos in the album, as well as links to upload new photos and modify the album's design or settings. The More Options... button opens a menu where you can delete the photo album, if desired.

The Add a photo album link at the top of the listing allows you to create new albums.

Each photo album has a cover page that you can configure to display a cover image or thumbnails of all images in the albums. The thumbnail images link to individual pages for each photo that display a larger version of the photo, a title and caption if you desire, and other information about the photo.

The Design and Settings pages allow you to configure how your album looks, and what sizes the photos will be displayed at.

When your photo album looks just the way you want it, you can display it on your blog so that your readers know to come visit it and check out all your great photos.


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