August 19, 2011

Photo Albums: Design

Under Library > Photo Albums, click the Design shortcut for the album that you would like to customize. The Overview page will allow you to navigate to the options for your Photo Album's Layout, Content and Style.

Photo Albums are not available with the Micro plan.

You can use the View Album link at the top right of any Photo Album page inside the application to view your Photo Album in your browser.


The Layout option controls how the images are arranged in your Photo Album, for both the cover age of the album and the individual photo pages. Select the desired layout for each and press Save Changes to apply the layouts to your Photo Album.


The Content options set the information that displays on each of the Photo Album's pages. Items are selected by default that work best with your layout selection. You can select or deselect the items you would like to show:

Cover Page

Photo Album Description
The description/introduction for your photo album.
Album Cover Image
The image/photo you uploaded in your photo album configuration.

Photo Pages

Photo Title
The name you give your photo.
Photo Caption
The description you give your photo.
Where your photo was taken.
Date Taken
When your photo was taken.
The camera and exposure data captured by your camera (best for professional photographers).

After selecting your content, click the Save Changes button to apply the new settings to your album.


The Style sets the colors and design theme for the album. Use the drop-down menu to choose a style. After selecting your style, sample screenshots will appear to the right of the dropdown menu. When you have selected the style you would like to use, click the Save Changes button to apply it to your album.


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