August 16, 2011

Overview of Advanced Templates

Note: Advanced Templates are available to subscribers at the Pro Unlimited level and above.

An Advanced Template Set is a blog design that can be customized through direct editing of HTML, CSS and Typepad template tags. Please be aware that we only recommend the use of Advanced Templates if you have strong HTML and CSS skills. Once you create and apply an Advanced template to a blog, all of your template changes must be coded by hand using Typepad tags, HTML and/or CSS. There isn't a graphical user interface to modify or select items for your templates.

Why would I use an Advanced Template?

Typepad's Custom CSS feature should be adequate to meet most people's design needs. Most designers should find Typepad's CSS and class structure easy to work with. Using Custom CSS, a designer can easily create variants on existing layouts, modify and tweak existing styles, and also add background images throughout a blog to create technically advanced designs.

However, in some circumstances, Custom CSS may be inadequate to meet the demands of your blog's design requirements. In such cases, Advanced Template Sets allow you to take complete control over every aspect of your blogs design, layout and HTML structure.

Getting Started with Advanced Templates

To create a new Advanced Template, use the Blogs menu to select the blog and go to the Design tab. From there, click the Choose a theme button. From the Themes list in the left column, select Customizable option and select the Advanced Templates option. Then, click Choose button in the right column.

After clicking Create, you'll see your new Advanced Template Set listed under the Saved Advanced Template Designs heading on the Saved page. You can rename the template using the Rename link. After typing in the design's new name, click Save.

When a new Advanced Template set is created, it uses a default 2-column-right layout and the Asterisk theme. However, you can modify the layout and theme as you would like, or create your own unique template from scratch.

Each Advanced Template set is made of up several templates for different areas of your blog.

Tip: If you wish to make edits before the changes go live on your active blog, we suggest creating a test blog via the Blogs menu. After the template is set up, you can then apply it to the active blog from the Design section for your main blog by selecting Apply from the Actions menu.

For more articles on Advanced Templates, see the Advanced Templates section of the Knowledge Base Index.


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