August 11, 2011

Blog Overview and Stats

The Overview page provides visitor statistics and analysis for your blog.

Please note only the Owner of the blog can view statistics. Blog Admins (co-owners), Guest Authors, and Junior Authors will not see the blog statistics.

Pageviews Graph & Totals

The pageviews chart allows you to see the number of pageviews your blog has received. A pageview is counted whenever someone visits any page on your blog, including your own visits. You can view a chart covering the last 7, 30, 90, or 120 days. Click the Edit button to select the desired time period from the Last X Days drop down menu and the chart will reload to show your selected time period.

The total Pageviews Today will reset at Midnight GMT. Regardless of the Time Zone designated for your account, a new day for your statistics begins at Midnight GMT - 7:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, 6:00 PM Central Standard Time, 4:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.

Totals & Averages are also available for Lifetime Pageviews, Pageviews/Day, Total Posts, and Total Comments. Pageviews/Day is the average of Lifetime Pageviews over the entire life of the blog since it was first published.

Recent Social Media Traffic

When you share your published post to Twitter and Facebook, you can track the clicks through the link created when you shared the post. Click the link to view each shared post's shortened URL and number of clicks on the link. You'll also see number of clickthroughs from the shared links on Typepad, Facebook, and Twitter.

You must share your posts when publishing in order to get clickthrough numbers. Information on setting up sharing is available here.

Recent Referrers

In the Referrers section of the stats display, the recent visits to the blog are shown from the last 24 hours. The time of the visit is displayed along with the URL of the page that was viewed and the address the visitor clicked through from. Click the link shown in the Referring Address column to visit the referring page.

The referral time will use the Time Zone set for your account at Account > Summary.

No referring link indicates a direct request for your page. This could be a visitor who typed your URL into their browser address bar directly instead of clicking through from somewhere or they may have your blog bookmarked in their favorites.

If you see a referrer which includes C:/ - similar to file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/User/MyDocuments - this is not a referral from an online source. Instead, the viewer came to your blog via a link in a local HTML file or another type of file, like a Word document, that is saved on their computer. While this link may look strange, there is nothing to be concerned about when seeing these referrers in your statistics.

A referring link of indicates the referrer clicked a link to view your blog from within their own Typepad account. For example, an author for the blog may have clicked the "View Blog" while editing the blog, or a follower may have clicked a link to your recent post in their dashboard.

Stats and Advanced Template Sets

If you are using advanced templates, make sure to include the tag for the stats counter in your templates for the blog pages:


The counter should be included in the Main Index, Archive Index, Category Archive, DateBased Archive, Individual Archive, and Pages templates to ensure visits to all pages of your blog are counted. The default template set includes the MTStatsScript tag in all relevant templates.

More Detailed Stats

If you would like to see more detailed stats on visitors to your site, Typepad offers easy integration with Google's Analytics service.

You may also want to look into a third-party application. Here are some free online statistics services to check out:

After signing up for the service that best suits your needs, you will be given some HTML code you can add to your blog's sidebar.


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