August 17, 2011

Account: Other Accounts

Facebook, Twitter and Facebook Pages

Typepad allows you to share new posts on your Facebook, Twitter, and Facebook Pages accounts, which can help drive traffic to your blog. To take advantage of Typepad's sharing features, you will need to provide the log in details for Facebook, Twitter and/or Facebook Page in the Add an Account window.

You can choose to enable sharing, display a link to the service on your Typepad Profile, or both. Note that sharing only grants Typepad access to send your new posts to the service. It does not grant access to your account information.


To add a Twitter account to your Other Accounts, select Twitter from the Add an account menu and click Add. You will be taken to a new page, where you will allow Typepad to connect to your Twitter account. If you are not logged into Twitter, you will be presented with a log in form where you can enter your Twitter username and password.

If you are already logged in, Typepad will connect with the Twitter account you are logged into. If you'd like to add a different account, use the log out link and then enter the username and password for the account you'd like to connect. You can add an unlimited number of Twitter accounts.


If you have a Facebook account, you can automatically share new public Typepad posts via Facebook Connect. Typepad allows you to select individual posts to share on Facebook or you can set new posts to be shared by default. For details, see Sharing Posts on Facebook.

Please note you can only connect to your Facebook Profile. For information on sharing to a Facebook Page, see the share posts to a Facebook Fan or Business Page

More Information

Other Services

For other services, you'll enter your profile name but a password is not required. For example, if your Flickr URL is, you'd enter johndoe in the Account field. For a chat client, you'd enter your screen name.

Some services use an ID number rather than a member name to identify users. These services include Bebo, Dodgeball, hi5, and orkut. You can find your ID for these services in the URL for your profile. For example:

The string of numbers at the end of the URL is your ID number, which you'd enter into the Account field of the Add Account prompt.

If you'd like to link to a service that isn't listed in the menu, choose Other and simply enter the full URL for your profile at the service.

You can add edit or delete services at any time by coming back to the Account > Other Accounts page.

We have information about displaying your Other Accounts in your blog's sidebar here.

Google Plus

To add Google Plus, enter the 21 digit id from your Google Plus profile URL. To get your unique id, go to Google Plus and select to View Profile. Your profile URL will be similar to:

The 21 digit id in this example is 105098576069145648888. See the article on Google+ Integration for more information on setting up authorship.


Account Levels: This feature is available to all Pro plans.

Local Vendor

Choose the Amazon website that ships to your country. The options include,,,, and

Associates ID

Enter the ID for your Amazon Associates account. You can find your ID by signing into your Associates account and looking under Tracking ID at the top left. Your ID will be used when linking to Amazon items from a books or albums TypeList. If someone clicks through your link and purchases the item, you will earn money on the sale.

If you do not have an Amazon Associates account, you can register here.

Wishlist ID

To find a wishlist ID in Amazon, go to Your Lists > Wish List and look for Tell people about this list on the top, left side. There will be a URL for "Your unique Wish List address is." Copy the ending string of letters and numbers. This is your wishlist id. Example:

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