August 19, 2011

Domain Mapping: Network Solutions

Network Solutions is one domain registrar which supports editing the CNAME Record and can be used to map a domain to Typepad blogs.

Add Domain To Typepad Account

In Typepad, go to Account > Domain Mapping and click the Begin Here: Map a Domain Name button.

Enter the domain (i.e. or subdomain (i.e. in the Enter your custom domain name field.

You have the option to map the domain to the Entire Site or an individual blog or photo album. Choose the My entire site option if you want all blogs, albums, About Me Page, and uploaded images and other files to use the same domain name. If you only want to use the domain for one blog or album in your account, choose the My blog or My photo album option and select the blog or album from the corresponding drop-down menu. Click the Add Domain Mapping button.

We do not recommend changing the Domain Mapping once it is in place as links can be broken. If you think you may want to add a blog to your account which is separate from other blogs in your account, the individual blog option should be selected.

More information is available in the Setting up Domain Mapping article.

Edit The Domain At Network Solutions

Updated 31 July 2013

After signing in to your Network Solutions account, look for the Account Manager. Select your domain and click to Edit DNS. Click the link to Edit Advanced DNS Records.

First, you will want to delete the existing A records for the * (asterisk) Host under IP Address (A Records). You may need to wait several minutes to an hour for the change to resolve at Network Solutions.

Then, you will be able go under Host Aliases (CNAME Records) and click to Edit CNAME Record.

In the Alias field, enter an * asterisk. The TTL field can be left at the default. Select the Other Host option.

If you are mapping a subdomain, you will place the subdomain in the Alias field instead of an asterisk.

In the Other Host field, enter your Typepad account domain name followed by a period. You can find the domain name for your Typepad account by going to the Account section in Typepad and locating the Domain. i.e.


Please note you do not indicate which blog the domain is to be mapped at Network Solutions if you are choosing to map the domain to a single blog. The CNAME Record will point to the main domain name for your entire Typepad account, and the blog's folder name will not be included in the CNAME. You select which blog the domain is to be mapped at Typepad only, not at your domain registrar.

Activate The Domain

After setting the CNAME Record, it can take some time for the changes to the domain to resolve at Network Solutions. You can verify the CNAME Record is in place and visit the domain. The CNAME Record will be in place if you visit your domain and see a blank or error page with the Typepad favicon instead of a Network Solutions landing page.

With the CNAME Record in place, go to Account > Domain Mapping in Typepad and click to Activate the domain to complete the set up.

If your blog does not display correctly after activating the domain, click to Deactivate the domain to restore it and wait for the changes to the domain resolve before activating again. Open a help ticket at Help > New Ticket if you need assistance with setting up Domain Mapping.


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