January 01, 2015

How do I optimize my blog for mobile devices?

To optimize your blog for mobile devices, use one of the available responsive pre-made themes, the Nimble Design Lab, or the responsive option for the Classic Theme Builder. Responsive designs adjust automatically to display perfectly on all devices regardless of the size. Additionally, responsive designs are optimized for mobile website searches.

Responsive Design Displays

Responsive Pre-made Themes

Available with all paid plans are the Gourmet, Sol, and Snap pre-made themes. Each comes in variety of colors and layouts and responds to the change of displays for small, medium, and large devices.

At Design > Choose A Theme, select the Responsive category, select a pre-made theme, and click Choose. After selecting a Color, check the box to apply the theme to your blog and save changes.

Responsive Themes

Nimble Design Lab

Nimble Design LabThe Nimble Design Lab is an easy to use tool to create a custom, responsive design for your blog, through a graphical interface.

The Design Lab allows you to choose from hundreds of fonts, add custom backgrounds, and more. Banner and background images adjust to optimal display on different sized devices when added as part of the custom design created with Nimble. Learn more.

This feature is in Beta. Join the Typepad Beta team to check out all the new features at Account > Summary.

Classic Theme Builder

The option to Create as Responsive is available for any new or existing designs created with the Classic Theme Builder. The Classic Theme Builder allows you to make changes to the colors and styles of design elements through a graphical interface without the need to know code. Learn more.

At Design > Theme Builder, check the Create as Responsive box and click Save Changes to make an existing design responsive. To create a new theme, go to Design > Choose A Theme, select Theme Builder, and click Choose. Then, you'll have the option to Create as Responsive and apply the new design to your blog.

This feature is in Beta. Join the Typepad Beta team to check out all the new features at Account > Summary.

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