August 10, 2011

Manage Posts and Pages

From the Posts tab, you can manage Posts, and Pages if you are subscribed to a Pro plan.

The Posts tab will display your 20 most recent posts by default. You can click on Pages in the side menu to manage your Pages.

From the top menu bar, you can choose to filter your posts by status (Draft, Published, or Future) or by Author or Category (Posts only). You can also search for posts by specific word or phrase by clicking the "Search" link next to the "Filter" button. For each post listed, you then use the small menu to the right of each post to set the post to Publish or Draft status, or delete the post.

Clicking on the Post or Page Title will open the item in the Compose editor. You can click on the Author Name to see other posts by that author, and you click on the Category title to view other posts in that category. Across from each post is a small icon for Comments and Trackbacks, which indicate the status of each (Open or closed).

Each post also contains a small, selectable checkbox to the left hand side. This checkbox can be selected for one or more of the listed posts or pages. Changes to the selected posts or pages can be made using the More Actions drop down menu or buttons at the bottom of the page. The options which can be applied to multiple posts or pages are:

  • Publish
  • Draft
  • Delete
  • Add categories (Posts only)
  • Replace categories (Posts only)
  • Open Comments
  • Close Comments
  • Change Author (Beta)

More Actions

Updated 10 November 2015


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