August 18, 2011

Managing Comments

To manage comments, click the Comments link for the blog to view the recently submitted comments. You can choose to Show a list of recent comments, unpublished comments, published comments, and spam comments.

Comment Status

From the list of comments, you can delete or change the status of individual or groups of comments. For an individual comment, click the drop-down arrow next to the current comment status to change it. You can select one of the following options:

  • Unpublished Comment Select this icon to Unpublish the comment.
  • Published Select this icon to Publish the comment.
  • Spam Select this icon to flag the comment as Spam.
  • Delete Select this icon to Delete the comment.

By checking the box next to all or some of the comments, you can mass edit the comments by using the buttons at the end of the comments listing.

Searching Comments

Click the search link in the Comments heading to open the search field.

Choose an option from the drop-down menu. You can filter by Email, Author, or IP Address.

Type a search value in the text field. For example, if you want to see all comments posted by, type

Click Search. Your comments list will update to only display the requested comments. To clear your results, click Reset link.

To return to list all comments, click the show link.

Managing Comments

Viewing commenter information

Hovering your mouse over the commenter avatar will display a glimpse of the details. You can click to view other comments by the same Author or IP Address as well. To view the full details of the comment, click the Edit link.

Edit comment

Click the Edit link below the commenter name to view the full details of the comment. The text of the comment can be edited along with the Author, Email, and URL submitted. Click Save Changes to update the comment information

Also from the Edit Comment page, the Status of the comment can be changed, and the Filters allow you to view other comments by the same author or submitted to the same post.

Replying to comments

All Published comments will have the option to Reply from the Comments list or Edit Comment page. The Reply link will direct you to the comment displayed on your blog, where you can submit your comment. If you have opted to receive a comment notification email, you can also reply to the comment via email.

Managing comments on the post

Clicking on the title of the post the comment was submitted will open up options to edit the post, view all comments on the same post, close comments on the post, or view the post.

If you have comments set to auto-close, the option to close comments on the post will not be available.

Click on the Post Title within the comment box:
Click Post Title

Then, click on any option in the pop-up box to make changes:
Edit Comment Status Per Post


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